Can you survive?

Probably not, but are you up for the CHALLENGE?

SIT DOWN. Better get your flashlight cause you'll be there for an ETERNITY. THERE IS NO ESCAPE. CAN YOU SURVIVE? You've faced Freddy and the gang, but can you face Toy Freddy and the gang? Or even Withered Freddy and the gang? OR EVEN GOLDEN FREDDY AND THE GANG?

In this game there is a wide variety of characters to choose from, this is basically like

Ultimate Custom Night but instead of surviving to 6AM you SALVAGE them all. Can you survive? Find out by playing Ultimate Custom Salvage today!

PS. This game is NOT CANCELED.

Art - FredbearGames AKA: Skull Games Aka: HolySkullStudios

Script - FireHeroGames

Install instructions

Install, extract, open, "Windows Protected your PC", click run anyways, enjoy!


Download 80 MB

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How do you actually play this? there's nothing for instructions or keybinds.

You can use S to open the tablet when you are in a level, you click the buttons in the tablet to start analyzing, and you click the respective item in the room to calm them down. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. We have plans to make a controls page when the full game comes out.

Thanks for you feedback!

Oh ok. thanks!

No problem!

Deleted 120 days ago

We're sorry, but we forgot to add a controls page, our apology's! There will be a controls page in the full version coming soon!

Can you make a mobile version pls

Maybe... Maybe....

if you do ill be so happy

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Its been a month now

We are very sorry for the wait. We have plans to drop the full game this summer. we are still trying to figure out how to make it accessible for mobile.

that being said, it's taking forever to load... :(

Load time has been fixed!

Can you make a mobile version pls


I always liked the horror of salvaging animatronics in fnaf 6. especially scrap baby. thanks for making a awesome game like this, @BrokenMic Studios-kun and @FredbearGames-kun! I'm gonna get the heck scared outta me...

We're glad you enjoy our game! Please check this game daily for updates! Including that Toy animatronic update that released today. Please leave a rating, tell us what you did not like about it and if you found bugs please tell us immediately so we can fix it! 

My computer can't even unzip zip.files...

We are trying to make it accessible for people on gamejolt. It will be out in a short while.

Thanks! :)

No problem!


The game is pretty good 

Thanks! Again im sorry for the way FredbearGames acted. I will make sure it wont happen again!



Download WinRar or 7zip to unzip the files

theres no winrar or 7zip on chromebook dude

There's HTML though just play on browser will take awhile to open

I have a windows 7..."PROFESSIONAL"

upgrade your computer to play


The game looks amazing! thx, @FredbearGames !

Thanks! Make sure to support BrokenMicStudio also! He helped a lot to make this game come true!

I saw youtubers play this similar game...

there is a youtube video out now about this game!

Is this on Game Jolt right?

Not yet but it will be.

wontload but looks so fun

It will load it will take awhile since this is a big game

Load time has been fixed!

Holy shit those jumpscares actually scared me after like 2 years of playing FNaF 1

Good! It scares me and BrokenMic also >:)

it doesnt load

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Load time has been fixed!

Wait 'WE'? Well I guess it's called a studio.

it’s just me in BMS but I worked with FredbearGames to make this.




Thank you! Tell us about what you did not like about the game and what we can fix of the game!

Mobile version pls